So, I printed out those Backbone Zone posters, and I was originally intending to put them on my door. But now that I’ve got them I’m contemplating the consequences of doing so and thinking maybe I shouldn’t put them up after all. I’m worried people will think I’m stuck up or that I don’t like them/don’t want to be involved in anything here, which isn’t true. I’m not the most social person ever and I pretty much keep to myself (at least in this hallway) but if I’m going to be rejected by the entire floor because I might seem pretentious… Idk.

I feel stupid for being worried because this is an important message but it’s very possibly (and pretty damn likely) that I will be ridiculed to some degree.

Which I guess shouldn’t matter, hence the whole “backbone” thing. 

I don’t know. I’m dumb. Someone encourage me.

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4 notes
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  1. cosmodolphin said: I don’t think anyone will think you’re being pretentious. You’re being vocal about something that’s important to you, and that’s impressive. People are going to see that, and if they don’t they’re not the people you should be friends with anyway.
  2. handaxe said: Put them up unapologetically. No one’s gonna fuck with a girl who has posters that decree “Use your backbone.”
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